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10 Year Work Anniversary

April 9 marked 10 years working at my current job. I like to think I’ve accomplished a lot in that time. I’ve done over 275 projects (at last count, last summer) and just about a boat load of designing about anything you can think of for a town (really blessed for that opportunity). But there’s one thing that I’ve looked at everyday of the last 10 years of work and that is my drawing table plant.

It’s an orchid and it hasn’t bloomed in a few years now. But it is a serious contemplation piece. It’s not the source of any of my designs or anything, but it is daily inspiration to persevere just like it does and just like the people that sent it.


My grandparents sent me this plant when they learned I got my job. It arrived, unknown to me, on my desk on April 10, 2007 and this little plant has been with me, heard all my troubles and debates, saw my efforts through the years one penstroke at a time as I methodically worked and turned projects around (I like to think I’ve done good work).

My little old plant came with a card that read a simple congratulatory message. It was and still is after all these years with love from Pappou and Yiayia (Grandpa and Grandma).

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